The Gate Theatre

The expansion of the Gate Theatre increased the seating capacity of this highly successful little theatre from 56 to 132, as well as significantly improving the foyer, dressing rooms and technical facilities. The theatre is situated over a pub in Notting Hill Gate where there is no space to extend the building. Instead, additional space was found by taking over areas of the first floor previously occupied by the pub and by rationalising the layout.

The enlargement of the auditorium involved removing almost all of the internal structural walls, which were replaced with new steelwork. There is now a fully equipped technical control room and lighting grid, sound proofing has been improved and air conditioning installed. In making these improvements it was essential not to lose the intimacy of experiencing very intense theatre in a small room and to retain the character of the old space. New seating is on upholstered benches and rostra, and can be arranged in several different formats.

  • ClientThe Gate Theatre Company