The Fortune Theatre

The Grade II listed Fortune Theatre, although modest in size, is a historical landmark in a number of respects. When it opened its doors in 1924 it was the first new theatre to be completed in the West End after WWI. Designed by Ernest Schaufelberg, it broke completely with established traditions in British theatre design in its construction, architectural expression, auditorium form and ornamental treatment.

Foster Wilson Architects, working with John Muir, was responsible for restoring the crumbling concrete fa.ade. By returning the tonal contrast between wall face and the applied ornament, the original simple geometry of the facade has been recovered.

The accretion of existing signage has been removed and replaced with a well-considered ensemble of new signage. The canopy has been restored to Schaufelberg’s design with modern lighting to the canopy and facade enhancing the appearance at night, creating a unified architectural approach.

  • ClientAmbassador Theatre Group Ltd